Literary Quotient

In the attempts to strive, to seek, to find my “literary quotient”; not to yield to any ridicule…

One Fine Morning

Sun shyly comes out of the cloud,
Like a golden ball out of the mould.
Cool breeze caresses my cheek,
A park, I’m trying to peak.

Green grass and pristine flowers smile,
Would make anyone go an extra mile.
Time trickles bitterly in hour glass,
‘Tis to work, I’ve to make a pass.


Warm smile and open arms,
Welcomes me into my world.
Sure he has all the charms.
No matter, how I’ve grown old.

Pats on back for accomplishment,
Smiles, tears, and fears he knew,
Hugs to wipe of any embarrassment,
In a moment, he makes me new.

Heeds willingly to all secret desire,
A heart, where my dreams are cherished,
Do you care enough to enquire?
He is the best of friends, my bed.

Before anything could leap,
Slowly kisses me to sleep!


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