Coin of Raja Raja Chola

Kishore gifted me a coin of Raja Raja Chola I. Minutiae of this coin:

Period – 980 AD to 1014 AD.
Metal – Copper.
Obverse – Standing king with his left hand holding a lotus and right hand a scepter.
Reverse – Seated king (Goddess ?) with his left arm holding something and right arm bent over the knee. Inscription on the right says “Sri Raja Raja” in Devanagiri script.

Raja Raja has minted different coins / different metals. Apparently there is one with a seated tiger, bow and two fishes. The facts in the web are confusing. It conflicts here, here, and here. I should complete my research on the coinage of Cholas with “The Cholas” by K.A. Neelakanda Sastry as he is the authority on Chola history.

A lovely and memorable gift by Kishore… he is a sweetheart! It goes into my most treasured possessions. One thousand year old coin… C’est magnifique!


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  1. Will do it as soon as possible 🙂

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