A Visit to Warli Village

Warlis are the largest scheduled tribes found along the northern outskirts of Mumbai. Warli paintings unlike other art forms of this subcontinent, depicts social life Warlis. Women folk are the main artists. This art dates back to 10 century C.E. and resembles prehistoric cave paintings closely. They were made on mud walls in white color made out rice and glue with a bamboo stick gnawed at the end to be used as a brush. There were three main symbols: circle – as in sun and moon, triangle – as in mountains and hills, and square as in a field.

I was trying out something when Thamba asked me if they mean anything. The idea is three people (Poppy, Thamba, and I) visit a Warli village to witness the hosts of activities… 🙂 Here is the first attempt with poster colors on a paper…

Picture by: Mouli Ponnupandy (taken with his Treo™ Pro smart phone)


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