Yazhini – Work In Progress

Background (left in dull purple) and some other details are not complete…


Vishnu Priya is of the opinion that I should be honored with an invite to World Classical Tamil Conference 2010 😉 😛 I guess I’m already honored with Preetha’s warm hug 🙂


7 Responses to Yazhini – Work In Progress

  1. Dude..we should look at the option of hosting this in CKP next year.. I am sure guys would be interested to learn this art form! 🙂
    Way to go!

  2. Worth every praise you get. You've been following your passion, I'm sure greater recognition (and wealth) is just around the corner.
    Keep it up! 🙂

  3. Wow Mercy!! This looks awesome, Mouli had previously shown me some of your works but i think you get better with each new one you are creating. This is really really lovely. You should think of entering forums and hosting your own exhibition. Talent like this shouldnt be hidden. 🙂

  4. @Thamba: Thanks, dude! CKP needs a lot more time and dedication…

    @Ajay: Thats very kind and sweet you, Ajay… Thank you very much 🙂

    @Neeta: Thank you, Neeta… Exhibition…?? some day… yes 🙂

  5. Kalyan says:

    WoW … Yazhini looks gr8.. authentic.. Waiting to see her completed… ALL THE BEST… Ohh god give mercy more time to complete her work 😉

  6. Shiva says:

    I have never seen anything like this before…. truly a master piece… atleast for my eyes 🙂 Congrats!! 😀

  7. @Kalyan – Gracias, senor 🙂

    @Shiva – Nandri, Shiva 🙂

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