Why Software Sucks?? – Don’t Get Me Started

‘Introducing Microsoft .Net’ is one of my favorite books. I enjoyed reading three nights some years back. My comment after reading this book was ‘nails the point right through in a single blow and no verbose’. David S Platt is the author of the book. He is a Microsoft legend, a programmer, consultant, author, and a .Net professor at Harvard University. ‘Why software sucks… and what can you do about it?’ is another book of his which deals with usability and user friendliness of software today in outrageously humorous language. You can get hooked on to the book just by checking out its contents – Who’re You Calling a Dummy?, Tangled in the Web, Keep Me Safe, Who the Heck Are You?, Who’re You Looking At?, Ten Thousand Geeks, Who Are These Crazy B@st@rds Anyway?, Microsoft: Can’t Live With ’Em and Can’t Live Without ’Em, and Doing Something About It. It is a must read for programmers and software designers to get a broader perspective and widen horizons in our daily work. If you can’t get hold of the book, Platt is writing Don’t Get Me Started columns in MSDN Magazine.

Platt says ‘Programmers can never develop great software until they learn it’s not about themselves’ and ‘To summarize: Users don’t care about your program in and of itself. Never have, never will. Your mother might, because you wrote it and she loves you, and then again she might not; but no one else does. Users care only about their own productivity or their own pleasure.’

You must have encountered at least once, the customer feedback part “Windows has detected a problem with your application. Would you like to send this error to Microsoft?” I guess most of you would have clicked “No”. From now on, you can click on “Yes” with vengeance as these are tracked by Windows WSYP (We Share Your Pain) program. Enjoy the video again 🙂


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