Windows Phone 7 – The Revolution is Coming

There were too many questions and jokes about my cell phone these days. I have a Nokia N80 that Thamba got for me from Singapore in 2006. Even after changing the battery 6 months back, charge lingers around 2 hours of talk time and 24 hours in standby. I’m lazy to take it to service. Some of the frequently asked questions and my answers are below.

Q: Are you alive?
A: Just because you can’t get me on cell phone, it doesn’t mean I’m dead. I’m alive. Thank you very much. There are other modes of communication – email, communicator, office #, or just take me out for dinner 😉

Q: If you don’t carry your cell phone around always, why do you need it?
A: I’m not the one who takes cell phone to restroom and lunch table. I’ve serious concerns about germs. I expect the same from you. Don’t even think of calling me while in bathroom. Seriously, never, please… 🙂

Q: Why don’t you tie it around your neck?
A: Thank you for your suggestion. I’ll never do that in a million years.

There were jokes like throwing my cell phone into the abyss of a water body, use it as brick when building my home, and use it to move the car up in some of the dangerous speed bumps that you can find only in Bangalore. Well, people make up jokes. I’m actually waiting for the revolution and its arrival is not far too. Grapevine has it Windows Phone 7 is expected to hit Broadway, NY on 11th of October. I’ve been reading reviews, information updates from Microsoft for a long time now. HTC, Samsung, or Sony… not decided yet. So far HTC looks sexy. I’m going to change the plan to 3G. I’m not going to buy any apps… will be writing it for myself, downloaded emulator over the weekend… Totally excited about WP7 🙂 Can’t wait to lay my hands on one 🙂


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