21st of December

Bell rings and is followed by a blinding flash of light… It is the early morning of 21st of December. I was anxious to open my eyes. What if the ancient wisdom is true? Is Hollywood right after all? If I open my eyes can I see the pearly gates and angels to welcome me into heaven? Do I deserve heaven in the first place? Am I getting off for all the sins? What about the cold-blooded murder of a small chick by first painting it green and blue, washing it later with cold water, and neatly wrapping it up in a heavy blanket? What about beating our pet dog with broom as he refused to shut up while I was reading comics? All those “I’m sick” lies at office or stealing peach and plums from neighbor’s garden…? God doesn’t seem to have kept His accounts properly. If this is indeed heaven, to which God does this one belong to? Why is it cold here? Is this the icy mountains of Mount Kailash or the milky ocean of Vaikuntam or abode of One God amidst of fluffy, silvery clouds? What really happens in heaven? Will angels sing His praise always? I can do that but not forever. Is it just music, dance, and food forever? Won’t people get bored of nothing but good stuff at some point? What kind of work people do here? Will He create again and send me back? I made a quick prayer – “Dear God, I love earth. I don’t belong in Heaven. Please send me back…” It was as though my prayer was answered… I felt warm hands, grasping and stretching my foot that I had curled up into fetal position. I reluctantly opened my eyes to him – standing tall, pulling me towards him with a huge grin plastered across his face from ear to ear. I heard him saying “Baby… you seem lost today morning… Why have you set the alarm? It is the first day of our vacation… I made you coffee and toast. It is a beautiful day… Shall we go out for a walk?” His tight embrace brought me back to the world. Our world is far better than holy heaven.


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