Lunar Eclipse

Lunar eclipse through my eyes… Sorry for the bad photographs…

Super Full Moon

A full moon occurred less than one hour from perigee, super full moon, which happens once in 18 years. I wanted to view the moon rising in horizon. In fact I was checking the sky since 5 pm with no luck. Sun was too bright and I had to complete a presentation for review by 9:00 pm though it is a Saturday… I missed seeing her close as I was neck deep in work. Anyway… here is the moon around 10:00 pm EST.

Eclipse Hunters

Next Wednesday – July 22, 2009, eastern world is going to witness one of the rare and extravagant lightshows in the sky – a solar eclipse. Umbral shadowof the Moon begins in India, travels to Nepal, Bhutan, and China, crosses Japan’s Ryuku Islands, and later curves southeast through the Pacific Ocean. Umbral shadow casting total and annular eclipse of Sun traverses half of earth. Penumbral shadow covers wider path which includes most of eastern Asia and the Pacific Ocean. The totality of the eclipse lasts about 6 minutes and 39 seconds, the longest in 21st century.

Words of caution – do not watch Sun with naked eye with sun goggles and do not use cameras without solar filters. I’m sure there would be at least one page covering in all newspapers this Sunday quoting mythology, dos and donts, predictions for all the signs, and the impending disasters from tsunamis, earth quakes, to world wars. Nonsense! Eclipse is one of nature’s astronomical fireworks… feel the rare phenomenon and enjoy it with a snack of your choice…

I’m planning to watch the penumbral shadow in Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium and IIAP. Though I haven’t asked Thamba yet, I assume he joins me. To my surprise, Suman said a big yes to the early morning expedition… Anyone else like to be part of the elite eclipse hunters group?

Visual Boundaries