First Love

First Love

“When I saw you I fell in love. And you smiled because you knew.” — Arrigo Boito


Joy of Reading

Un livre est une fenêtre par laquelle on s’évade
(A book is a window through which it escapes)
~ Julien Green

A Kalamkari inspiration… The joy of reading comes from within. My imagination can run places… When it combines with powerful language, it would become a wild horse too tough to tame. I read Metamorphosis by Kafka late in the night before sleeping and was deeply worried next day to open my eyes. After touching my back and sides to prove myself that I’ve neither developed hideous shell nor numerous legs, I opened my eyes with glee. I somehow couldn’t get rid of the formaldehyde smell after reading a short story by Marquez about a dead body. I begged Amma to join me for a walk around 10 in the night simply to get rid of that. There were numerous such instances… one bad habit that I’m trying to get rid is to stop the story in between and try to guess the flow of story. I end up spoiling the story for myself but have the pleasure of guessing the flow right. The joy of reading comes from within…

Mercy’s Horse


I mean no offense to Leonardo’s Horse 😉

Kalamkari Paintings is an ancient craft of painted and printed fabrics. It gets its name from Kalam – Pen and Kari – Work, literally pen work. They are hand painted or block printed using vegetable dyes. This exquisite art form belongs to the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. They have two distinctive styles – Srikalahasti and Masulipatnam. Srikalahasti style flourished under the Kalahastieeshwara temple that depicts Hindu mythological classics. These were taken around villages to King’s courts by Chitrakathis – group of singers, musicians, and painters, to narrate the stories. Masulipatnam style was patronized by Moghul rulers that portray animals and flowers motifs. There is a lesser known style – Thanjavur style that developed under Maratha rulers in Karrupur village – paintings were done delicately in gold brocaded silk to be worn by Chatrapathi Shivaji and the royal clan.

I made it on paper with poster colors. Horse represents virility and power across various cultures. This horse has become an instant favorite with Amma since I started outlining as she linked it to Ayyanar, our home deity 🙂