I got my first EMC KB article published on May 2012 –


Went to Press

My article on Thanjavur Paintings, “In Pursuit of Painted Wood – Tanjore Paintings” was published in Reading Hour magazine 🙂

I had an urge to write about my view on the certain aspects of history that has captivated my interest to go an extra mile, for example the cire-perdue (lost-wax) technique of Chola bronzes. This involves good amount of research. Two things to remember when someone uses the word “research” – “Google” is not the synonym of “research” and Wikipedia is not an authorized source for any information. Research in Indian History generally involves collecting and reading old books to visiting museums and temples. Quality most often needs time, effort, dedication, perseverance, and money. Anyway… I was doing what I thought as right as always when Thamba pressed to pursue my interest by chasing a Publication in south of Tamil Nadu to get a rare book published in 1930s. Apparently, they had one copy left which they had used it for proof-reading. I had one planned in detail named “Rajarajeeshwaram” on Thanjavur Big Temple before slowly drifting to Thanjavur Paintings.

You can pick up the magazine here – Sapna (Jayanagar & Kormangala), BookStop! (Kormangala), Magazines (Church Street), Variety Book Stall (Off MG Rd, Near KC Das), Newstand (Jayanagar 4th Block Complex)


Meenakshi Matai has referred my painting in one of her articles under ‘Arts of India’ for a local newspaper in Phoenix called Valley India Times. Here is the link –