Happily Ever After

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a beautiful young girl who had become lost while traveling. As the sun set and the moon rose over the land of the free and home to the brave, she happened upon a splendid castle. After knocking on the massive doors and being brought inside, she met the queen mother who liked her instantly. This innocent girl claimed that she is the princess of the oriental wisdom and riches, showed the queen mother her paintings. Queen mother summoned her son to meet the princess. Royal duties had the princess sent back to her land. She wrote a love note to the prince on the fluffy cloud with the blue ink she got from the sky. The prince responded with a big letter acknowledging her note. King and the queen fell ill and became sick. The prince took over the throne and watched over them until they moved to the kingdom above to be with the King of kings. Everyone praised the prince turned out into this charming and handsome king who is filled with love and compassion. Princess met the king on different occasions while travelling. The king also made a trip to land of oriental wisdom and riches and asked their queen mother for her daughter’s hand in marriage. The king and the princess were waiting for the royal approval of their impending wedding at his court. Once they got the approval, the princess travels again, now with her family, to the land far, far away to get married. The king marries the princess and makes his bride, a queen. He sweeps her off her feet and takes her to his castle, where they live happily ever after…

21st of December

Bell rings and is followed by a blinding flash of light… It is the early morning of 21st of December. I was anxious to open my eyes. What if the ancient wisdom is true? Is Hollywood right after all? If I open my eyes can I see the pearly gates and angels to welcome me into heaven? Do I deserve heaven in the first place? Am I getting off for all the sins? What about the cold-blooded murder of a small chick by first painting it green and blue, washing it later with cold water, and neatly wrapping it up in a heavy blanket? What about beating our pet dog with broom as he refused to shut up while I was reading comics? All those “I’m sick” lies at office or stealing peach and plums from neighbor’s garden…? God doesn’t seem to have kept His accounts properly. If this is indeed heaven, to which God does this one belong to? Why is it cold here? Is this the icy mountains of Mount Kailash or the milky ocean of Vaikuntam or abode of One God amidst of fluffy, silvery clouds? What really happens in heaven? Will angels sing His praise always? I can do that but not forever. Is it just music, dance, and food forever? Won’t people get bored of nothing but good stuff at some point? What kind of work people do here? Will He create again and send me back? I made a quick prayer – “Dear God, I love earth. I don’t belong in Heaven. Please send me back…” It was as though my prayer was answered… I felt warm hands, grasping and stretching my foot that I had curled up into fetal position. I reluctantly opened my eyes to him – standing tall, pulling me towards him with a huge grin plastered across his face from ear to ear. I heard him saying “Baby… you seem lost today morning… Why have you set the alarm? It is the first day of our vacation… I made you coffee and toast. It is a beautiful day… Shall we go out for a walk?” His tight embrace brought me back to the world. Our world is far better than holy heaven.

The Amateur

She thinks she can write among her other skills and talents. She tends to write with a strange tone for her fictional highbrow literary readers. She is hungry for details in any situation. Her words flounce with her recordings of mysterious colors, cryptic scents, unknown resonances, peculiar flavors, and miniscule feelings. Her curiosity made her wander in wide range of topics. She has all the necessary vanity for a writer but not the insight. She starts to write something without knowing her plot. She desperately wants to reach a culmination point but not sure where her pencil is taking her.

Duty Calls

His corner office overlooked city and traffic. He took his eyes from his laptop, scanned the horizon. Months had flurried across that winter had painted a few patches of natural colors grey. He had wound himself into a cocoon, moving away from her, working on a business deal. Yesterday, he looked up while sorting slides for his presentation, whiffing her scent. She returned from gym, her angelic face hot and shiny, sporting a smile. Nothing in his world could be more perfect. He wanted to make up for their lost time. He passed a multi-million dollar deal to his colleague.


It was a two hour flight journey to meet the special someone. She wasn’t worried about the snowstorm when the plane descended. If needed, she would walk the two mile from the airport to his place. Her heart beats frenziedly with excitement and anticipation. She knows she will have to return to the same place with tears in two days. Now,this moment is hers. She caught his eyes dancing impatiently. Two embraced ignoring snowfall among the crowd. He welcomed the light in her eyes and the warmth of her lips to build memories to be shared with their grandchildren.


There were times when we talked through the night, counting the stars of our universe. Today for reasons unknown our conversation runs bleak. I chose the road strewn with stories ringing with laughter on its footpaths. I walk ahead looking back at your smile. We reach a placid lake and sit close together on the brown grass. While the birds pauses their songs, I intently listen to your silence. You pick up pebbles to create ripples. I pick up a twig to create art. When the dimensions of our parallel universe fades, we will return to the universe we share.

Overseas Call

A silent, sultry, dark night, leaves stood still in the fig tree outside her bedroom window. The creaky, old chair was enough to support her wobbly legs and impatient mind with her book. The Hidden Connections of Capra has an unusual bookmark – a peacock feather. She felt the peacock feather against her cheek as though to quell her restless mind. As soon as her phone chirped, she knew it was him. It is their connection… Among the sweet nothings, there wound an invisible, fine thread of love and longing. Leaves of fig tree danced in the delight of night shower.


It was a dark, moonless, and snowy evening… They sat on wooden bench waiting for the bus. Eye contact struck the match showing the realms of a different world. They could take seven steps to get close to discover the unexplored world. They might remain unmoved to be the slave of their own fantasies. They sat still, mirroring their body language – shrunken and hugging themselves, waiting for the other to make the first move. Time flew past as it does forever. The bus arrived; she passed him without bothering a look for it is better with dreams than reality.

Monsters under My Bed

She sleeps with a heap of books, a smiling dinosaur, a simple camel, and a lazy, ginger cat. She likes a cool, dark room to sleep. She woke up from deep slumber as felt a sudden chill of someone tugging her sheet slowly. She did not dare to open her eyes as the growl under her bed steadily grew; she felt that there was something close to drool or blood on her books, a leg was missing from the camel, and could not find dinosaur or the cat.

Her imagination brought back all the dark villains she has ever read to life that is now waiting under her bed to grab her ankles. Her cry never reached her own ears as something jumped on her with vengeance. A vile creature with a malformed face and gleaming big eyes tried to lick the life out of her. Her fingers finally managed reach the switch of reading light. Sincerely hoping that light could dissolve the monster, she opened her eyes just in time to save another licking attack from her pug.

Go Away

They were returning home after a cup of coffee, nuzzled under one umbrella, rain splattering all over, and feeling the warmth of each other in the mild weather. He had one arm around her in a protective way while the other was holding umbrella. She covered his hand holding the umbrella as though to provide additional support to avoid the unruly winds tipping off their frugal shelter.

They reached home wishing the walk could continue forever. She ran into their lawn with a reckless abandon and threw her arms heavenwards. He sought her immediately, took out rogue strands of hair from her face to hold her lips in his.

Shivering a little, she was melting slowly in the hot coffee-breath. He said ‘Pull the blinds and switch on the light. Rain is such a mess.’ Her coffee mug was close to her mouth.