Together Forever

Darkness fills this night
Emptiness fills my bed
This is a long and hard wait
Fire you lit inside burns red.

Unlock that doors might
Take me across the border
Always holding hands tight
By bringing a new order.

Winding are the roads
Long will be our journey
Together against all odds
Walk them with me now.

There is one wish adventurous
Love and truth as new trend
Let us hold light to be pioneers
We’ll find ourselves at the end.

Unfinished Dreams

There are sweet places in this world
Where I want to wander with you
Music in the car, basket in the hand
From icy mountains to oceans blue

Some unfinished dreams thought in bed
Soaked in dreary midnight tears
Waking up every morning I hoped
To see my reflection in your eyes

We waltz to fancy winds
Play splash when it rains
Walk in sandy beaches
Eat together happy meals

Grasp each other in winter
Smile through the summer
Life will be colors of fall
More surprises to spring!!!

Year 2009

My pen is filled with ink.
Acquired 365 fresh white sheets…
What to write?

My pencil is sharpened.
So are my senses…
What to scribble?

I’ve red of morning sun,
Green of new leaf,
Blue of clear sky, and
Brush from a maple tree…
What to paint?

One path leads to west…
My heart is in the east…
Where to go?

New things to learn…
New places to travel…
How to do?

Eyes fill with dreams…
Mind checks the goals…
When will it happen?

Time trickles by in this game;
Which has no defined rules.
Play with full spirit – and
Live the game.
Why not??

Darkness to Light

Diwali connotes great victory of good over evil
Gives a will to fight unjust wickedness with might
A point to ponder from celebrations of medieval
That symbolizes a pathway from darkness to light

Illuminating electric lamps and bursting crackers
Leaves a trail of chemicals, smoke, and useless dust
Will just fling nature’s beauty behind the bars
What’ll be true spirit of colorful Diwali before lust?

Resolve to create a bold enterprising change
To do list contains reuse, recycle, and reduce
Evade unprecedented consumption derange
Time to act and to stop offering lame excuse

Rejoice a safe Diwali environment sensitive
Let’s make “green” the theme of this festive

That was written by me for “Word Fest”, a competition in our Advanced Solutions Practice for Deepavali. The results for which are awaited as I write this post.

Literary Quotient

In the attempts to strive, to seek, to find my “literary quotient”; not to yield to any ridicule…

One Fine Morning

Sun shyly comes out of the cloud,
Like a golden ball out of the mould.
Cool breeze caresses my cheek,
A park, I’m trying to peak.

Green grass and pristine flowers smile,
Would make anyone go an extra mile.
Time trickles bitterly in hour glass,
‘Tis to work, I’ve to make a pass.


Warm smile and open arms,
Welcomes me into my world.
Sure he has all the charms.
No matter, how I’ve grown old.

Pats on back for accomplishment,
Smiles, tears, and fears he knew,
Hugs to wipe of any embarrassment,
In a moment, he makes me new.

Heeds willingly to all secret desire,
A heart, where my dreams are cherished,
Do you care enough to enquire?
He is the best of friends, my bed.

Before anything could leap,
Slowly kisses me to sleep!