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Regular Expressions

After a longtime, I wrote regular expressions to work on a CSV file.

new System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex(“,(?=(?:[^”]*”[^”]*”)*(?![^”]*”))”);

History Reimagined: Declaration of Independence

I don’t know what went wrong, I couldn’t write posts. No matter how busy, I love to update my blog. I guess this time it is both home and work got in the way. I also believe the sweltering tropical summer made my right brain cells get into a hibernation mode. I’m going to continue my usual from now on. To begin on cheerful note, I watched some of the anniversary videos of Office 2010. I liked this one better…

Geek and Poke

I follow xkcd for some years now. I like a tech comic – Geek and Poke. This has been an inspiration for me to create some bad comic strips. Geek and Poke’s satire can bring a smile to a soft chuckle, if you need a break from work.

Windows Phone 7 – Really?

Windows Phone 7 hit the retail markets yesterday. E-mail, photo, video, social networking, or work tasks – do it in your own style. Unlike Nokia with Symbian or Blackberry with Blackberry OS piling up bad UX on every release, Microsoft went ahead to redesign its mobile platform. Microsoft doesn’t support backward compatibility either. It is new. There is no PInvoke to run native code – develop with .Net compact framework. Apps run in Silverlight or XNA just means more games development is made simple. Programming, testing, and debugging are easy with Visual Studio 2010 and Expression Blend.

Windows Phone 7 Marketplace ensures social networking with a list of high-profile brands such as Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, YouTube, eBay, Travelocity, Netflix, Foursquare, and Yelp. 5 MP / 8 MP camera with various shooting modes and HD video recording brings elegance to the quotidian tasks. Music can be synched with Microsoft Zune. Xbox Live provides the gaming entertainment with some mesmerizing graphics-rich games that demonstrates the platform capabilities.

Browsing got better with IE Mobile that uses the rendering engine of IE 7 and adds up the capabilities of IE 8. Although it does not support Adobe Flash Player or HTML5 videos, it is a full-fledged HTML browser.

As any other smartphones do, Windows Phone 7 has Microsoft Exchange Active Sync for Exchange Server 2007/2010 and Exchange Online. Office Mobile – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote comes with Windows Phone 7. Users can create Word and Excel documents from the phone and view PowerPoint presentations. OneNote is for creating and synchronizing notes. To collaborate with enterprise intranet, there is a native client support sharing, editing, and synchronizing documents to SharePoint Server. Dell announced that it dumps 25,000 corporate RIM Blackberry mobile phones for Windows Phone 7 on Dell Venue Pro. It is more to promote Dell phones rather than Windows Phone 7. Whatever it is, Dell’s early adoption is going to be a case study for Enterprise implementations.

Windows Phone 7 is a phone for all – professionals to programmers or students to gamers. A people phone, really! Check out this new, funny promo…

Windows Phone 7 – The Revolution is Coming

There were too many questions and jokes about my cell phone these days. I have a Nokia N80 that Thamba got for me from Singapore in 2006. Even after changing the battery 6 months back, charge lingers around 2 hours of talk time and 24 hours in standby. I’m lazy to take it to service. Some of the frequently asked questions and my answers are below.

Q: Are you alive?
A: Just because you can’t get me on cell phone, it doesn’t mean I’m dead. I’m alive. Thank you very much. There are other modes of communication – email, communicator, office #, or just take me out for dinner 😉

Q: If you don’t carry your cell phone around always, why do you need it?
A: I’m not the one who takes cell phone to restroom and lunch table. I’ve serious concerns about germs. I expect the same from you. Don’t even think of calling me while in bathroom. Seriously, never, please… 🙂

Q: Why don’t you tie it around your neck?
A: Thank you for your suggestion. I’ll never do that in a million years.

There were jokes like throwing my cell phone into the abyss of a water body, use it as brick when building my home, and use it to move the car up in some of the dangerous speed bumps that you can find only in Bangalore. Well, people make up jokes. I’m actually waiting for the revolution and its arrival is not far too. Grapevine has it Windows Phone 7 is expected to hit Broadway, NY on 11th of October. I’ve been reading reviews, information updates from Microsoft for a long time now. HTC, Samsung, or Sony… not decided yet. So far HTC looks sexy. I’m going to change the plan to 3G. I’m not going to buy any apps… will be writing it for myself, downloaded emulator over the weekend… Totally excited about WP7 🙂 Can’t wait to lay my hands on one 🙂

Why Software Sucks?? – Don’t Get Me Started

‘Introducing Microsoft .Net’ is one of my favorite books. I enjoyed reading three nights some years back. My comment after reading this book was ‘nails the point right through in a single blow and no verbose’. David S Platt is the author of the book. He is a Microsoft legend, a programmer, consultant, author, and a .Net professor at Harvard University. ‘Why software sucks… and what can you do about it?’ is another book of his which deals with usability and user friendliness of software today in outrageously humorous language. You can get hooked on to the book just by checking out its contents – Who’re You Calling a Dummy?, Tangled in the Web, Keep Me Safe, Who the Heck Are You?, Who’re You Looking At?, Ten Thousand Geeks, Who Are These Crazy B@st@rds Anyway?, Microsoft: Can’t Live With ’Em and Can’t Live Without ’Em, and Doing Something About It. It is a must read for programmers and software designers to get a broader perspective and widen horizons in our daily work. If you can’t get hold of the book, Platt is writing Don’t Get Me Started columns in MSDN Magazine.

Platt says ‘Programmers can never develop great software until they learn it’s not about themselves’ and ‘To summarize: Users don’t care about your program in and of itself. Never have, never will. Your mother might, because you wrote it and she loves you, and then again she might not; but no one else does. Users care only about their own productivity or their own pleasure.’

You must have encountered at least once, the customer feedback part “Windows has detected a problem with your application. Would you like to send this error to Microsoft?” I guess most of you would have clicked “No”. From now on, you can click on “Yes” with vengeance as these are tracked by Windows WSYP (We Share Your Pain) program. Enjoy the video again 🙂

Digital Footprint

Check Digital Universe

On Private Cloud

Check EMC IT’s Journey to the Private Cloud

Been there… Done that…

TechEd 2009, Hyderabad stories – the two demos I liked…

Microsoft Sam

Sam is designed and developed with Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 2008. It comes with Visual Programming Language which makes programming fun with drag-and-drop application development and C# .Net code generation. The Visual Simulation Environment lets the designer to design a robot that obeys both robotics code and the laws of physics. The designer can even control the gravitational pull of the surface in the simulation environment. If you are excited, check out MSDN for more details.

Surface Computing


I’ve fallen in love after watching and playing around with it. After seeing the smart table, I was under the assumption that Microsoft Surface has some fancy hardware configuration. I was completely wrong. It has the configuration of a regular desktop and runs on Windows Vista. Surface power shell has to be activated to experience surface computing. Shell is powered by WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) and XNA Framework (not acronymed). Microsoft surface uses rear projection for display on a thin diffuser. Objects like fingers, color cubes, brushes are visible to the six infrared cameras underneath the diffuser. Image processing system processes these objects and its movement to report to the applications which recognizes the command. It can work up to 52 simultaneous touches per second. VectorForm has designed a next generation shopping experience for BMW customers. They can look at various models in three dimensional views, change the color of the car with the color cube, open the door and check out the interiors, change the color and feel of the interiors, compare the features, etc. My personal favorite is the DJ application by Vector Form. You can pull out various tracks and makes effects just like that.

Unlike the traditional computer input techniques like keyboard and mouse which confines human interaction in a mechanical way, Microsoft Surface enables the user to use regular human gestures to interact with the computer. Empowering user to interact in an intuitive human way is the next generation of user interaction. Imagine simple things like flipping an ebook while reading instead of scrolling, painting virtually on the surface instead of canvas… how simple it would be with out using mouse or keyboard. Now, imagine more like when we go for car shopping, salesmen pull out the necessary, documents from the surface, you check out your payment and loan options, set up electronic transfer of money, sign it off on the surface, raise a request for car registration to the government agency without any paper work… It is all possible in the near future.