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TechEd 2009, Hyderabad stories – the two demos I liked…

Microsoft Sam

Sam is designed and developed with Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 2008. It comes with Visual Programming Language which makes programming fun with drag-and-drop application development and C# .Net code generation. The Visual Simulation Environment lets the designer to design a robot that obeys both robotics code and the laws of physics. The designer can even control the gravitational pull of the surface in the simulation environment. If you are excited, check out MSDN for more details.

Surface Computing


I’ve fallen in love after watching and playing around with it. After seeing the smart table, I was under the assumption that Microsoft Surface has some fancy hardware configuration. I was completely wrong. It has the configuration of a regular desktop and runs on Windows Vista. Surface power shell has to be activated to experience surface computing. Shell is powered by WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) and XNA Framework (not acronymed). Microsoft surface uses rear projection for display on a thin diffuser. Objects like fingers, color cubes, brushes are visible to the six infrared cameras underneath the diffuser. Image processing system processes these objects and its movement to report to the applications which recognizes the command. It can work up to 52 simultaneous touches per second. VectorForm has designed a next generation shopping experience for BMW customers. They can look at various models in three dimensional views, change the color of the car with the color cube, open the door and check out the interiors, change the color and feel of the interiors, compare the features, etc. My personal favorite is the DJ application by Vector Form. You can pull out various tracks and makes effects just like that.

Unlike the traditional computer input techniques like keyboard and mouse which confines human interaction in a mechanical way, Microsoft Surface enables the user to use regular human gestures to interact with the computer. Empowering user to interact in an intuitive human way is the next generation of user interaction. Imagine simple things like flipping an ebook while reading instead of scrolling, painting virtually on the surface instead of canvas… how simple it would be with out using mouse or keyboard. Now, imagine more like when we go for car shopping, salesmen pull out the necessary, documents from the surface, you check out your payment and loan options, set up electronic transfer of money, sign it off on the surface, raise a request for car registration to the government agency without any paper work… It is all possible in the near future.

Stripping RTF

There was this requirement which requires plain text from RTF string. I was googling for hours to find complex solutions like buying a third party solution. According to me, a simple and elegant solution works easily than a complex messed up stuff. I came up with this and was appreciating myself that I should get a medal for this 😉


CAML works only with dates of ISO8601 format. To lists the items that are created in the past 7 days and ordered ascending by created date, we can have either of these…

RegEx for Validating Multiple Email Addresses

We had a requirement of validating multiple email address – valid email addresses should be delimited either with a “,” or a “;”, and with or without a space in between. I suggested an ASP .Net validation control. Doing it after lunch was a real task… While was trying out some highly complex RegEx from the internet, two geniuses – Jasmine and Suman – came out with an elegant solution as given below.

(w+([-+.’]w+)*@w+([-.]w+)*.w+([-.]w+)*;*,* *)*

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