About Me

“I Think Continually Of Those Who Were Truly Great”- Sir Stephen Spender.

Aristotle, Aryabhatta, Mahendravarman I, Leonardo da Vinci, Sir Issac Newton, Benjamin Franklin… are some of my inspirations to go beyond the limits… I found one thing consistent across all these men. When the world decidedly going on one direction, they never subscribed to the conventional beliefs but simply had different thoughts and ideas… they are all polymaths. A polymath is a person whose expertise spans a significant number of different subject areas. In less formal terms, a polymath may simply be someone who is very knowledgeable. The term applies to the gifted people of the Renaissance who sought to develop skills in all areas of knowledge, in physical development, in social accomplishments, and in the arts, while overlooking that the vast majority of people of that age were not well educated. Leon Battista Alberti claims that “a man can do all things if he will.” His concept embodied the basic tenets of Renaissance humanism, which considered humans empowered and limitless in their capacities for development, and it led to the notion that people should embrace all knowledge and develop their capacities as fully as possible.

“This brick-less, timber-less, metal-less and mortar-less temple, Lakshita-yatna, which is mansion for the Brahma, Ishvara and Vishnu was caused to be made by the king Vicitra-cita” – Mahendravarman I

Here are some of the things I’m passionate about…



“Painting is poetry which is seen and not heard, and poetry is a painting which is heard but not seen” – Leonardo da Vinci

“Thus every action must be due to one or other of seven causes: chance, nature, compulsion, habit, reasoning, anger, or appetite” – Aristotle

Indian Art has a long history. Bhimbetka rock shelters were home to hominids like homo erectus more than 100,000 years ago. This houses Stone Age cave paintings dating back to Paleolithic Age (approximately 30,000 years old). After that we have the more sophisticated ones from Ajanta, Bagh, and Sittanavasal caves. These formed the basics to various schools of Indian paintings from medieval times. My love for art began with a small photo reproduction of “Vennai Krishna” in Tanjore style. It does not stop in India. I can easily be captivated by renaissance religious Christian art to impressionism to art nouveau. That was what made me spent 40 minutes just staring at “12 Sunflowers” in Philadelphia Museum of Art and later buy a small glass reproduction of it for $130 🙂 More…

During school days I remember writing poems to honor some special days like my parents birthdays and anniversaries. I can assure you it is as horrible as it can be although my mom treasures it like a personal handwritten copy of Shakespeare or Kambar. I love stories so I smugly think that I can write them. Some of my attempts in writing… it broadly cover poems, drabble, and flash fictions. I deliberately threw in some French at times to make it a little chic. I also write in Tamil. I find it difficult to type in Tamil so I don’t post that many. I definitely can write very well in Tamil. One day would love write a full-fledged novel… 🙂 More…



“Add four to 100, multiply by eight, and then add 62,000. By this rule the circumference of a circle with a diameter of 20,000 can be approached” – Aryabhata

“If you desire many things, many things will seem but a few” – Benjamin Franklin

A few things that has put my name in the press both technical and otherwise… Writing blogs is one thing. Certainly I would like to see my name on print. I’m not being narcissistic but do not want to be a SPA (Self Published Author). I want to win prize / make money out of writing one day. Nobel / Booker / Pulitzer / EMC’s $5000 – sky is the limit 😉 This site would link all items that I’ve published so far. This is only the beginning. Wait for more… 🙂 More…    

My interests and hobbies are far and wide – some are expensive and some I just should have time for it. My fascination for stars started early. One of the perks of living in mountains is the clean, pollution free skies as opposed to metropolitan cities. One visit to the astrophysical laboratory in Kodaikanal got me hooked on to astronomy. It was one my childhood dreams to astrophysicist and to work for NASA. Now it is limited to reading and occasional star gazing. Like my other interests, numismatics started from school. I’m a very proud owner of 700 odd coins and currencies from around the world. History is another – hated it with all my heart in school but loving it since I left school… 🙂 More…

“I frame no hypotheses” – Sir Isaac Newton

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